Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday Images


Margie said...

God bless you all!!! Your energitic selflesness is inspiring us, your family and friends, back home! Keep taking picture and journaling. You'll want to draw strength from all that you are learning in India so you will want to remember every bit of it. Folks will want to hear about your experiences for years to come! Your Biggest Fans -The Johns Family

Anonymous said...

Incredibly heartwarming to see these pictures. YMAD kids, you have changed. It is evident by the looks on your faces and the light in your eyes. Jyoti!

Hey G! Love you!

Brooke Lange

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. Everyone is so shiney
and bright!

Mary Jane said...

It is so fun to see the pictures of all these incredible kids! I'm glad to know all is well Sarah! I can't believe you called home instead of calling me in Virginia on my cell phone! I miss you and am anxious to hear from you. Please blog soon!

Stang96 said...

Chloe! We are so happy to see that you are truly making a difference. You look great in the pictures, and we hope you are feeling better! We are sorry we missed your phone call (everyone except Mom) and can't wait to see you in less than a week. Have fun touring the sites and take lots of pictures.
Love, the Fam.

PS- Sam wants to know if she can borrow a shirt and use your makeup ;)

the Webbs (Eli's parents) said...

We talked with Eli this morning, and he's never sounded this happy. Hopefully this trip will bless the lives of some of the beautiful children in and around Chamba — we know it's blessed Eli forever.

THANKS to the Bairds and Davises for making this experience possible! You're angels!

(Does anyone know how to start on adoption papers? I think I'm not kidding....)

Meg said...

I love this picture. It fits you well. I am glad you and Cooper are in the same group to look after each other.

Love Carl