Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jenny Rouse

"So Close You Can See Their Souls"

This is one of my favorite quotes from one of the kids in my group.
You might think he was referring to a deep and meaningful connection between himself and beautiful the kids at Kalsui. But actually he was commenting on the teeth-clenching proximity between our vehicle and the large buses that inch past each other on narrow mountain roads and crowded city streets. In the city The drivers are eyeball to eyeball and could easily exchange a quick kiss without much of a stretch.

The school where we teach is about 25 minutes away from the NHPC. The children there are beautiful and intelligent. They are so very excited to see the YMAD kids arrive but at the same time they show such discipline and restraint when our group walks through the gate. Three children stand in front of 5 straight lines of their classmates
And lead them in morning prayer, chants that sound so sweet with all of their voices in unison. They never break form or even look our way until they are finished. Next they do an impressive amount of exercises. After this, it is our turn. The teens in our group are able to achieve a perfect mix of teaching and joyful fun with the kids (Zach, Chloe, Zippy, Matt Turner, Andrea and Caleb).

So much more to say but we are about to leave. Singing, teaching, painting and playing with the kids. Will try to write more soon. Love love love to Bill, Amanda, Adam, Andrew, Mom and Dad and everyone else! I miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Love to hear from you sweetie and all the great YMAD kids. We all love you and are thinking of you every minute. Sending you lots of love from your family.


Susan said...

Thank you Jenny....for taking time away from your family and watching over Matt and all the amazing kids in your group, and with YMAD. Love the updates. Sounds like an amazing experience.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny! Love to hear what the kids are up to and how they are changing through this experience. Thanks for your love and care of the YMAD kids and the kids you are loving in India.

Brooke Lange

Anonymous said...

We miss you too Jenny! Mom lit up when she heard your voicemail on Thanksgiving. Can't wait to have you back home!