Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Indiana Jones? Child’s Play

If you’ve read some of the previous posts, you may have read something about the crazy driving, akin to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Trust me, that description doesn’t nearly do it justice. The addition of the human driver, the mountain roads, the other drivers, the motorcyclists and the dogs make it so much better. The thrill never lessens it’s just enhanced. Once the initial terror has passed, you realize that the drivers are some of the most capable human beings in existence, and you can sort of sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s like there is a shared mentality between all the inhabitants of Chamba, because everything moves so smoothly. Just like that one scene in “Bee Movie.” Many of you may never understand why the Mercury Bolero is my new favorite car, but just know that I have never felt safer in a car. All is well, the kids are great, and I am almost completely adjusted. Mom, don’t worry, I will do another update, because I know you will be frustrated that this one was only about the driving.

Lots of love,


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Berta said...

I love you Elijah, you know me so well. I am so glad to hear you are adjusted. I am excited to hear more about your experiences! Take a lot of pictures. Love you! Mom