Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The lights dot the mountainside like stars in a dark sky. Sitting here half-asleep I cannot distinguish where the night sky starts and the mountains end. The two words to describe this situation are “beyond conception”. The concept of where we are and what we are doing cannot be comprehended. Simple as that.

We just finished our first day teaching at Kalsuin. I could not have wished for a better start to this fantastic adventure. I connected instantly with a 9 year old boy named Praveen. He started out as somewhat shy but as soon as he came into my group, the cutest, most illuminating smile I have ever seen popped onto his face. We spent the rest of the day with him as close to him as possible, if not hanging from me in some way or another. The absolute best part of the trip so far has been driving away from the ashram and Praveen chasing us down for at least 100 yards and giving me a high 5.

I love this place. I miss you all and thank you all for helping me get to this magnificent place!

Aum Sweet Aum

Matty T


Susan said... are amazing. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Love to hear about your adventures. Keep the blogs coming, if you can :). I miss you so much. But, know you are having the experience of a lifetime. So proud of you. Soak up EVERY minute.

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog and it sounds like you are having the experience of a lifetime. Memories you will cherish forever.


Gammy & Bapa

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog. Keep 'em coming. Matty you need to know that we all hang from you one way or another - you are just that lovable & wonderful. I am so excited & happy for you to have such an amazing experience. Your job for the next 6 years is to talk Jack into going & following in your footsteps. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
Love you tons & tons.