Saturday, November 26, 2011


Instead of doing a culture exchange with the high school here at the NHPC, YMAD had to the opportunity to go to all four of the schools we teach at to sing and dance.
It was a neat experience to see the YMAD kids interact with their own kids that they have been teaching all week.

When it came time to visit Sahoo, I got butterflies in my stomach. The kids did not know we were even coming to see them. When they saw us walking down the mountain they jumped up and ran to us. Those were the greatest hugs I have ever had. (Sorry to all those at home… but my kids hug better.)

My girl, Sheetal, ran and jumped into my arms. She held onto my hand the rest of our visit. We sang our songs and I admit I got a little teary. When YMAD sang ONE DAY, I had Sheetal’s hand in mine. She was like an angel. Our interaction with each other is mostly felt not said. When we danced Sheetal had her eyes hooked on mine the whole time. I did not know I could get so attached and love someone so much after a few days. These kids are so loving. They have taught me more than I could ever teach them. Saying goodbye is going to be rough. I hate Monday afternoon already. I’m coming back here… one day.

Family I hope everything is going great! I’ll do bed treats when I come home. ☺
Comment below and let me know how things are.

I love you MTWCT!

P.S. If you have time…before I come home, I’ll probably need what goes in the second green basket in my closet. Please and thank you.


Brent said...

Caleigh, we are all well. Watching every few hours for new updates and photos. You sound so happy. We love you MTWCT as well? Miss you! Dad

Unknown said...

Caleigh! I am so happy that this has been such a remarkable experience for you! Just reading about it I have learned tons from you. You're amazing. Missin' ya! love, cami

Brent said...

Anxious to hear from you again? Sorry I couldn't be here when you called? Hoped your Monday afternoon went well. Have a nice time hiking and at the Orchard Hut. Take your malaria medicine, don't forget your passport and don't agree to any arranged marriages...I have no goats, cows or monkeys to spare! Happy to hear you are doing well, having fun, and happy. We look forward to Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool Caleigh! Cant wait to hear all your stories when you get back! :)
-TJ Meersman

Traci Day said...

Caleigh! This is so amazing! Looks like your having an awesome time. Your an great example and I cant wait to hear all about it!
P.S. My mom says HI and wants to know if you have found her ancestors yet? Haha

Anonymous said...

I dunno if you read this or not... Lol. But if ya do, wanna go on a date the friday after you get back??? :):)
-TJ Meersman

Becca said...

Shetal was my girl too.. :) I know exactly the Shetal you're writing of.