Wednesday, November 23, 2011


India is like nothing I ever could have imagined, and is a place that can never truly be accurately captured with words alone. We worked today for the first time at our separate schools, mine is in the mountainous village of Sahoo. To reach this place requires an hour of driving up winding roads surrounded by mountains with pristine couloir. Traveling at 50 to 60 km we take hairpin turns on roads that by American standards would not be considered paved and typically are no wider than twelve feet. The drivers here seem to make no use of their brakes, but their horns instead. Once we reached our school I felt truly blessed to be in a place of sheer tranquility, I finally inhaled a breath of fresh mountain air and gazed upon blue skies. Working with these children for the first time I understand, to a greater extent, the issues with the education system here. These children, especially the younger ones, have a practiced talent of repeating exactly what is said to them but one can tell that there is no understanding. Throughout the day I tried to improve upon the education workshop I was teaching, part of my planned activity was to draw our families, thus I showed them my example. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier there are now approximately fifteen small children running around with pictures labeled Cedar, Rayna, and Marinda. It seems the further I get from the United States the more food becomes available for me in my vegetarian endeavor, I look forward to what is to come with great anticipation. Mom and Rayna, I love you both hope all is well, thank you for all you have done to support me in this and the life long education you have given me.




Marinda said...

Cedar!!!!Yes! so happy to hear from you. It sounds amazing, I loved your post. I am sure you are feeling so full of love for life. It all is sounding so deeply beautiful. Rayna and I miss you.We are so thankful for all that you bring to this life. Enjoy! Look forward to hearing more soon.xoxoxo

Unknown said...

happy day of giving thanks.We are thinking of you.Take lots of pictures of those beautiful mountains there. I look up at the Wasatch here and think of you. I'm Thinking of you a lot.Remember your Ganesha mantra, prayer and meditation daily, especially when your getting driven up that road closer to heaven...I'd perfer to keep you here on Earth.
Rayna and I gave thanks in our garden today, cleaning up the fall. Its the first in 18 years of living here it has not been with is changing so much. i am so happy for you to have this experinece. I want to see lots of photos when you get back. I talked to wayne today and he said to make sure you were taking lots to.
Rayna and I are about to sit down for thanks giving dinner . We made mostly root veggies and squash and garden greens harvested from the garden. Fun you get to eat Indian food every day.I told Harspal at Bombay he smiled.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxYou are so amazing little Buddy